Our List of Onion Shippers

A = Exports
B = Cartons Available
C = Consumer Packs Available
D = Stickers Available

Allendale Produce Co.—A, B, C, D
P.O. Box 1060
Homedale, Idaho 83628
Phone: 208-337-4025
Fax: 208-337-3324
Sales: Chris Miyasako, Mattie Gremling
Transportation: Jean Miyasako
Allendale, War Eagle, Showcase, Allendale Gold

Appleton Produce Co., Inc.—A, B, C, D
P.O. Box 110
Weiser, Idaho 83672
Phone: 208-414-3352
Fax: 208-414-1862
President: Robert Woods
Vice President: Rob Woods
GM/Sales: Steve Walker
Transportation Dept: Todd Uriu
Appleton, A.P.C., Gold Nugget, APCO
Consumer Packs: 2, 3, 5, 10, & 15 lb. Sacks & Cartons

Asumendi Produce, Inc.
P.O. Box 257
Wilder, Idaho 83676
Phone: 208-482-6579
Fax: 208-482-6584
Domingo Asumendi
E-mail: jimproduceman@frontiernet.net
Sales: Ken Stewart
Phone: 719-313-3582
E-mail: ken@asumendiproduce.com
Hank’s, Hank’s Jr., Sweetheart, Jimmy’s, Royal Gold,

Baker & Murakami Produce Company, LLLP/
Potandon Produce, LLC
—A, B, C, D
153 S.E. First Street
P.O. Box 9
Ontario, Oregon 97914
Phone: 541-889-9663
Fax: 541-889-9376
Managing Partners:
Jerry Baker, Steve Baker, Grant Kitamura
Sales Manager: Steve Baker
E-mail: sbaker@bakerandmurakami.com
Sales: Jerry Baker
Email: jbaker@bakerandmurakami.com
Tonia Erskine, Brian Forsythe
E-mail: terskine@bakerandmurakami.com
Baker’s, Medalist, Jerry’s Giant, Golden Glow, Bronze
Beauty, Citation, Western Sunrise

Consumer Packs: 2, 3, 5, 10, 25, 40, 50 lbs. Sacks, Cartons & 2000 lb. Tote Bins
Website: www.bakerandmurakami.com
Facebook: @bakerandmurakami
Instagram: @bakerandmurakami
Twitter: @bakermurakami
Potandon Produce, LLC
Sales and Transportation:
Phone: 541-889-7219

Gary Belknap
E-mail: gbelknap@potandon.com
Green Giant, Mitzi, Mr. M, Geisha, Sig’s Best, Samurai, #2 Pagoda
Consumer Packs: 2, 3, 5, 10, 25, 40, 50 lbs. Sacks, Cartons & 2000 lb. Tote Bins.

Boise River Pack, Inc.—A, B, C
General Manager & Sales: Kim Cleaver
P.O. Box 149
Notus, Idaho 83656
Phone: 208-454-8924
Fax: 208-454-8918
Notus Nuggets, Gem Dandi, Boise River Gold, Luna’s Uno

Central Produce Dist., Inc.—A, C
P.O. Box 163
Payette, Idaho 83661
Phone: 208-642-9035
Fax: 208-642-4546
General Manager: Ray Burzota
Sales Manager: Dan Phillips
Transportation Manager: Dan Conklin
Email: rburzota@centalproduce.net
Email: dphillips@centralproduce.net
Email: dconklin@centralproduce.net
Ray’s Gold, Maple Leaf, Majestic, Full House, Hi Roller, Royal

Champion Produce, Inc.—A, B, C, D
26358 Sand Road
Parma, Idaho 83660
Phone: 208-722-5800
Fax: 208-722-5844
Sales Handled by Champion Produce Sales, Inc.
Dwayne Fisher or John Wong
Phone: 208-722-5800
Director of Food Safety: Brad Dines
GFS Certified Facility
Champion, Grand Champion, Hall of Fame, Pride of Parma, Idaho Legend,
Old Glory

Website: www.championproduce.com

Eagle Eye Produce
(packed and shipped from FIESTA FARMS warehouse)
—A, B, C
P.O. Box 1606
350 Commercial Avenue
Nyssa, Oregon 97913
Shipping Nyssa: 541-372-2248
Sales through Eagle Eye Produce
Phone: 208-557-2528
V.P. of Sales: Lance Poole
Email: lance@eagleeyeproduce.com
Phone: (208) 557-2542
Director of Sales: Coleman Oswald
Email: Coleman@eagleeyeproduce.com
Phone: (208) 656-7284
Onion Sales Manager: Jason Pearson
Email: jasonp@eagleeyeproduce.com
Phone: (541) 372-3600
Harvest Select, Fresh Harvest, Eagle Eye, Bybee’s
Consumer Packs 2, 3, 5, & 10 lbs.
Carton 25, 40, & 50 lbs.

Eastern Oregon Produce
2445 12th Avenue East
Vale, Oregon 97918
Phone: 541-473-3278
Fax: 541-473-9478
Aaron Arriola, Michael McGourty
Willow Creek Gold, Eastern Oregon’s Finest

Fort Boise Produce Co.—A, B, C, D
28519 Hwy 20-26
Parma, Idaho 83660
P.O. Box 1545
Nyssa, Oregon 97913
Phone: 800-252-8665

Fax: 208-674-3208
Ashley Robertson
Gold’n Sweet, Western Idaho, Golden Pride, Pink Ribbon, Fort Boise,
Giant Sweets, Ida Gold, Mini Sweets

Email: ashley@fortboise.com
Website: www.fortboise.com

Frahm-Fresh Produce—A, B, C
Sales: Trevor Frahm
418 King Avenue
Ontario, Oregon 97914
Phone: 541-889-2424
Fax: 541-889-7779
Bonnie’s Best, T & R, America’s Beauty, Frahm-Fresh

Email: trevor@frahmfresh.com
Blogspot: frahmfreshproduce.blogspot.com

Golden West Produce—A, B, C
28058 Locker Road
Parma, Idaho 83660
Phone: 208-674-2325
Fax: 208-475-6466
Troy Seward
Email: troy@gwonions.com
Sales: ProSource, Inc., Hailey, Idaho
Phone: 208-928-6929
Production Manager: Tim Gluch
Email: tim@gwonions.com
Food Safety-Facility Manager: Antonio Carone
Email: antonio@gwonions.com
Sales Support: Patty Henderson
Mello Yello, Golden Treasure, Majestic Gold, Valley Gold, GW, Holly, Riata,

Consumer Packs: 24-2, 16-3, 10-5, 5-10

Haun Packing—A, B, C
734 West Idaho
Weiser, Idaho 83672
Phone: 208-414-3030
Fax: 208-414-8728
Herb Haun, Judy Dickerson
HOC, Honey Sweet, Royal Stuart
Email: haunon@hotmail.com
Website: www.haunpacking.com

Jamieson Produce, Inc
P.O. Box D
Vale, Oregon 97918
Phone: 541-473-3274
Fax: 541-473-3313
Jeff Stubbs
Phone: 541-881-6383
Sweet Miss, Jamieson Jumbo
Email: jpi@fmtc.com

Obendorf Produce
23295 Fargo Road
Parma, ID 83660
Phone: 208-482-6128
Email: sales@obendorfproduce.com
Phillip Obendorf
Phone: 208-989-4558
Brock Obendorf
Phone: 208-880-6895
Corey Coles
Phone: 208-420-2953

Oregon Trail Produce, Inc.—A, B, C
P.O. Box 2488
Nyssa, Oregon 97913
Phone: 541-372-5075
Fax: 541-372-3956
Mark D. Hartley, Sam Hartley
Oregon Trail, Trail Boss, Savage, Country Classic, Super Markos, Wagons

Email: sam@oregontrailproduce.com

Owyhee Produce—A, B, C, D
34325 Apple Valley Road
Parma, Idaho 83660
Phone: 541-610-0410
Fax: 541-372-5131
Shay Myers
Phone: 208-405-3017
Robin Froerer
Phone: 208-739-2430
Email: sales@owyheeproduce.com
Honest Owen, Uplander, Quail Valley, Mallard Island, Chuckar Ridge,
Owhyee Dam Big Onions, Owyhee Dam Good Onions, Dam White Onions

Consumer Packs: 24-2, 16-3, 10-5, 5-10
Website: www.owyheeproduce.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/owyheeproduce
Twitter: www.twitter.com/owyheeproduce

Riverfront Produce Company, LLC—B, D
Mailing: P.O. Box 819
Payette, Idaho 83661
Street Address:
405 N. 9th St.
Payette, Idaho 83661
Sales: Nick Gomeza
Phone: 208-642-6864
Fax: 208-642-6865
Riverfront Finest, Kitchen Cousins, Riverfront Lunkers, Bandido Rojo,
Mighty Whitey

Email: nick@riverfrontproduce.com

Schiemer Farms
850 Grand Avenue
Nyssa, Oregon 97913
Rod Schiemer
Phone: 208-739-2270
Buried Treasure, Top Crop, Mother Lode, Cutting Edge
Email: rsfarms@fmtcblue.com

Snake River Produce Co.—A, B, C, D
P.O. Box 1727
Nyssa, Oregon 97913
Sales: Kay Riley
Phone: 541-372-2537
Fax: 541-372-5788
Transportation: Tiffany Cruickshank
Phone: 541-372-5513
SRP, Best Catch, Stampede, Festival, Grande
Email: kayriley@snakeriverproduce.com
Website: www.snakeriverproduce.com

Standage Farms, Inc.—B, C, D
1825 Hwy 20
Vale, Oregon 97918
Phone: 541-473-2127
Fax: 541-473-2604
Larry Standage, Patty Standage
Plant Manager: Kelly Houston
Email: sfonions@gmail.com
Food Safety Director: Jessica Kulm
Email: standagefoodsafe@gmail.com
Prime Pick, Standage, Stan Pak

Symms Fruit Ranch, Inc.—A, B, C, D
14068 Sunny Slope Road
Caldwell, Idaho 83607
Phone: 208-459-9191
Fax: 208-459-6932
Sally Symms, Larry Ball, Jim Mertz
Transportation: Chelsee Moore
Shipping Clerk: Elisabeth Loera
Email: sally@symmsfruit.com
Website: www.symmsfruit.com

Tamura Farms, Inc.
17535 Hwy. 95
Wilder, Idaho 83676
Phone: 208-337-4636
Fax: 208-337-4781
General Manager: Dwayne Fisher
Sales Handled by: Champion Produce Sales, Inc.
Dwayne Fisher or John Wong
Phone: 208-722-5800
Harvest, Royal T, Super T, Mr. T, Frost T, Tamura
Email: tamurafarms@hotmail.com

Treasure Valley Farms
Mail: 597 Grove Road
Ontario, Oregon 97914
Packing Shed: 135 Railroad Street
Weiser, Idaho 83672
Phone: 208-414-3479
Fax: 208-414-3900
Shelly Frisby, Packing Shed Manager
Cell: (541) 212-0561
E-mail: sfrisby@ari-slc.com
Brian Debban, Director of Marketing
Cell: (208) 412-7800
E-mail: bdebban@ari-slc.com
Farm Manager, Tyson Cameron
Cell: (208) 739-6405
Royal Blossom, Royal Crest, Royalty, Royal Treasure, Fiddler,
Hells Canyon, San Juana, TVF

J.C. Watson Packing Co.—A, B, C, D
P.O. Box 300
Parma, Idaho 83660
Phone: 208-722-5141
Fax: 208-722-6646
President: Jon C. Watson
V.P. Operations: Brad Watson
V.P. Marketing: Emily Watson Libsack
V.P. Grower Relations: Marc Asumendi
Sales Manager: Kent Sutherland
Account Manager: Jamie Anderson
Soo, Jim’s Best, Treasure Valley, SooRing, Watson, Trail

Website: www.soobrand.com

West Wind Produce
15 Holly Road
Ontario, Oregon 97914
Phone: 541-262-3292
Juan Gallardo
Phone: 208-573-1070
West Wind
Email: cyano@cableone.net

Willowcreek Produce
2048 6th Ave W
Vale, OR 97918
Jeff Bair
Phone: 541-212-2189
Email: jeff@willowcreekproduce.com
Website: www.willowcreekproduce.com

Zito Farms—A, B, D
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 524
Glenns Ferry, Idaho 83623
Physical Address: 1625 Old Hwy 30
Glenns Ferry, Idaho 83623
Sales: Jared Zito
Transportation: Mikki Zito
Fax: 208-906-8588
Email: zitofarms@gmail.com

Specialized Onions – Year-Round Availability

Dickinson Frozen Foods, Inc.-A, B, C
Frozen Processed Onions and Peppers
1205 E. Iron Eagle Road Drive, Suite B
Eagle, Idaho 83616
Phone: 800-886-4326
Fax: 208-938-9569
Call for information
Email: customerservice@df-foods.com
Website: www.df-foods.com

Great American Snacks, Inc.
Breaded, Battered, and Beer Battered Onion Rings; Onion Petals; and

216 8th Street North
Nampa, Idaho 83687
Phone: 800-282-4834

Fax: 208-465-5059
Chris Helton, Dan Horan
Wahoo! Great American Snacks
Email: chrish@appetizer.com
Email: danh@appetizer.com

Magic Valley Growers, Ltd.
Pearls, Boilers, Prepacks, Cipolline, Onion Sets, Shallots
P.O. Box 850
Wendell, Idaho 83355
Phone: 208-536-6693
Fax: 208-536-6695
George Bobango
Dutch Boilers, Dutch Girl, Top Hat, Star Brand, Cipolline
Email: georgeb@magicvalleygrowers.com
Website: www.magicvalleygrowers.com

McCain Foods USA
Processed Products Only
2150 NW 2nd Avenue
Fruitland, Idaho 83619
Phone: 208-452-6311
Fax: 208-452-6314
Manager: Clay Crim
Agronomist: Bob Simerly
Ore-Ida, Moore’s, Brew City
Email: clay.crim@mccain.com
Email: bob.simerly@mccain.com

Partners Produce, Inc.—A, B, C, D
Whole Peeled, IQF Onions
P.O. Box 196
Payette, Idaho 83661
Phone: 208-642-1200
Fax: 208-642-8198
George Rodriguez, George Rodriguez, Jr., Eddie Rodriguez, Larry Haney
Partners Pride, 5 P’s, Golden Bird, Real West,

Email: partnersproduce@srvinet.com
Website: www.partnersproduceinc.com

Idaho-E. Oregon Onion CommitteeP.O. Box 909 | Parma, ID 83660